Coming Home Casting

Coming Home Characters


Major Characters


Michael Gardner (28 – 32) years old African American

Actor who has been working in London for the last few years on stage) Smart, focused and driven

Stephanie Langston 21 years old African American

Beautiful, soften spoken and smart

Aunt Carol Ferris (50 years old) African American

A nurturer goes to church and is sadden by her son’s disappearance

Patrick Edmonds (same age as Michael) African American

Tough, blue collar and fearless

Keith Ferris (only seen through pictures and Video) 22 years old African American

Care free, reckless, smart and skateboarder

Dahlia  Egyptian

Mysterious, beautiful and sinister


Recurring Characters

Alex Edmonds (22 years old) African American

Smart and laid back

Security Guard Joseph (28 – 40) years old African American

Con artists not trust worthy selfish and funny

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