Kinte Fergerson

Birth Name:        Kinte Kunta Fergerson

Born:                     December 20, 1976 (age 39)

Los Angeles, CA, U.S.

Occupations:      Curator, Radio Host, Film Maker,

Writer and Producer

Years Active:      2007 – Present

Companies:        Playhouse Productions,

Indyshowcase & Indyradio

Collaborators:    Meosha Bean, DL Watson,

Yardley Hickey, Quianna Rodriquez,

Ramsey Hill

Parents:               Cecil & Miriam Fergerson

Siblings:                Darell, Anthony & Regina Fergerson,

Dr. Melanie Watson DDS John Lee Dennis II



Kinte Kunta Fergerson (born December 20, 1976), is an American internet radio host, Director, writer and producer.  As an internet radio hosts he started the website which produces several podcast. produces online video content and Playhouse Productions produces film projects.

  1. Early Life and Career

1.1 Early Life

Kinte Fergerson was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of Miriam and Cecil Fergerson. Cecil Fergerson (his father) is widely credited with fostering African-American and Latin-American art communities in Los Angeles for over 50 years, and was named a “Living Cultural Treasure” by the city in 1999.  It was in this household Kinte was exposed to African American Art history and Culture.

1.2 Assisting Cecil Fergerson

10-year-old Kinte began to pick up a video camera and then fell in love with telling stories through film.  As a teenager Kinte started to earn money by filming weddings and cultural events throughout Los Angeles. During this time, he along with his brothers (Darell, Anthony and John) assisted his father in installing exhibitions all through the city.  This time would serve has his training ground and would help him going forward into manhood.

1.3 Art Beat (Public Access Show)

In 2002 Kinte Fergerson saw a need to shine more light on African American Artists, Art Beat (Public Access Show) was born.  Hosted by his mother Miriam Fergerson this show featured many of Los Angeles top Black Artists. The Show ran for 3 seasons.  Kinte wanted to use a somewhat new format of media called podcasting along with the planned 4th season of the TV show.  Unfortunately, due to a change in laws Cable companies no longer had to offer public access to the community.

1.4 Art Beat podcast

On March 3, 2010 Kinte decided to turn the TV show to an Audio Podcast.  The first guest was the now deceased Photographer {1} Willie Robert Middlebrook Kinte’s longtime friend and mentor. With this new change Kinte would then become the programs host.  The Live format would allow for more audience interaction with the program.  The show has over 30 episodes and has featured some of the best Black Artists around.

1.5 The Spotlight Podcast

After a 3-month stint as a guest cohost on TMU’s DCMF modding hour podcast a program about 3d modeling hosted by MikeDboing & Stvndyson Kinte was asked to create his own program on the website.  The Spotlight Internet radio show was born.  On April 15, 2010 the first episode of the Spotlight aired {2} with Machinima film maker Benjamin Tuttle and the cast of his film “Farce of the Zombies”.  Voice Actor and owner of Tower of Zeal Online Neon San would serve as Kinte’s first Co-host for the program.

Other Co-hosts of this program would include psylent.knight, DL Watson, Chris “Texois” Burton, Ramsey Hill.  Current Co-hosts of the program is Shai G, Shantay “Kitty” Branco, Olaf Barbosa and Richard “RPO” Porshard. The show has been on for over 5 years and well over 200 episodes have been recorded.

1.6 Formation of Indyshowcase & Indyradio

Kinte distributed his The Spotlight program through the Machinima Community the Movies Underground {3} owned by Founder Ken White.  This community was founded to support the disbanding of the online community for the Lionhead game “The Movies”.  They have an internet radio station connected with it called The Movies on Air TMOA.  Community member and filmmaker DL Watson came up with a way to give film makers a chance to show their Machinima and live action films to a live audience.  This was called TMU Theater then later changed to Indy Theater.

TMU/Indy Theater was site where fans could gather live while a film maker had their film streamed live with an active chatroom to provide instant feedback. After a year DL Watson announced that he would no longer be providing the popular service to the community.  In an effort to save the popular service Kinte started to still allow film makers a chance to show their films live to an audience. Along with Indyshowcase {4} {5} was formed as well as place to listen to new podcast episodes that he would produce.

1.7 Dexter & Walking Dead Podcast

On January 7 2013 along with Joshua Chitty formerly of R.I.A.A. Radio and now with Semi Core Studios started Harry’s Code a Dexter Podcast {6}.  This would review episodes of the Showtime series “Dexter”.  On January 18, 2013 along with friend Bahiyaa Jummah the Podcast “Talking Walkers” now “Talking About Walkers” aired its first episode {7}. This program would take a look at the AMC hit Zombie series “The Walking Dead”.   Joining the podcast later would be voice actor Olaf Barbosa and future co-host Yardley Hickey would come on as a guest to review the season 3 finale.  After reviewing the third season of the television show Bahiyaa and Kinte decided to part their ways leaving the show’s future in jeopardy.  A month before the 4th season of “The Walking Dead” would begin Kinte Yardley and Olaf decided to keep the show going and changing the name to “Talking About Walkers.”

1.8 Hell on Wheels Podcast

After a production meeting about the “Talking about Walkers” podcast Hosts Yardley and Kinte realized they both had a love for the AMC western series Hell on Wheels starring actors Anson Mount and Common.  Yardley believed that a podcast was needed for the fan base of the show.  Kinte was very unsure about this idea.  They made a promise to each other that if the season three premier was good they would then start a podcast on that show.  The two-part season premier was so good that on August 17, 2013 “Talking Hell on Wheels” {8} aired its first episode.

At first the podcast did not enjoy any success.  Host Yardley decided to tweet to the star of the program Anson Mount to check out the podcast.  That decision would forever change the fortunes of  Anson Mount listen to the program and tweeted out to his large fan base to check out the show.  And with that one tweet the show became an instant success.  The listenership went into the thousands.

On Saturday August 31, 2013 Kinte and Yardley was recording live only their third podcast for Hell on Wheels when they were surprised by star Anson Mount and director of the episode “Searchers” Neil LaBute calling into the show {9}. This created new interest in the show and later had to have a booker (Melanie Smith) to help them book people from the show. The following podcast had the shows show runner and John Wirth {10} as a guest.  Cast member after cast member as well as crew now appear on the podcast to add to the show’s success.

1.9 The Spotlight: Hollywood Edition and other Podcasts

To capitalize on the success of “Talking Hell on Wheels” Kinte would start another podcast called The Spotlight: Hollywood Edition.  This show would feature guest who work in film and television.  Kinte’s co-hosts would be Taralyn Gravois & Film Maker Meosha Bean.  Actress Gameela Wright {11} would be the first guest on October 28, 2013.  This program would feature people such as Actors C.S. Lee, Erica Tazel, Michael Potts & J.D. Williams the now deceased “The Simpsons” Co-Creator Sam Simon and many more.

Several more Podcast would be added to the roster at such as Men & Women Talk: The Mars/Venus Show, Talking Black Sails, Talking Orphan Black, Talking Fear the Walking Dead and more. In 2016 along with Quianna Rodriquez “Black Empowerment 365 show was started to talk about issues with the black community.

1.10 Hard Requitals

Kinte’s first love has always been film.  In 2014 friend and former Spotlight: Hollywood Edition co-host film maker Meosa Bean moves from Florida to Los Angeles.  Meosha and Kinte decide to work with each other on potential film projects.  Their first project together would take Kinte Back to his Machinima roots. In 2010 on the third episode of his Spotlight program his guest was Machinima film maker Mefune Akira he was promoting his film “Hard Requitals” {12}.  Kinte instantly fell in love with the animated film and vowed to one day make it in to a live action short.  Kinte showed Meosha the animated film and the two agreed that this would be their first project together.

In the fall of 2015 with Meosha Bean Directing and doing cinematography and Kinte serving as the film’s producer and adapting the screen play for live action, Hard Requitals (live action version) {13} went into production.  The film would star actors Mark E. Ridley and Richy B. Jacobs. The film would be in the Pan African Film Festival in January 2016.

  1. Personal Life

Kinte resides in Los Angeles, California and in September 18, 2013 his father Cecil Fergerson passed away.


  1. Podcasts

Art Beat 3/3/10 (2010)

The Spotlight 4/15/10 (2010)

Beyond the Note 9/29/11 (2011)

Harry’s Code: A Dexter Podcast 1/7/13 (2013)

Talking About Walkers 1/18/13 (2013)

The Playlist 3/26/13 (2013)

Talking Hell on Wheels 8/31/13 (2013)

Spotlight: Hollywood Edition 10/28/13 (2013)

Talking Black Sails 2/1/14 (2014)

Men & Women Talk the Mars/Venus Show 2/3/14 (2014)

Talking Orphan Black 4/4/15 (2015)

Talking Fear, the Walking Dead 8/23/15 (2015)

Black Empowerment 365 3/4/15 (2016)



Art Beat (Public Access Show) 2002

Hard Requitals 2016

Times up

Two Minutes: To Live

Black Artists Connected: Los Angeles (documentary)

The Moments After

Women Talk with Meosha




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